On the Kindness of Teachers…

Imagine if you had the power to transform a person’s world in a second, in a minute or in an hour. Now imagine if you had that power every single day, over 20, 30, even 40 or more people.

That is the power a teacher has when she walks into school.

From the first smile between a student and teacher at the school gate, to the last farewell of the day – as well as the 1,001 moments in between – it is in these interactions that the transformative power of the kind word lives.

Great teachers embrace their responsibility to be kind. They recognize the impact that their words have, and do all they can to speak to the heart of each child they teach. For some students, a teacher’s kind words may be the first or last such kindness they experience that day. For other students, that act of care may be the sign they need to inspire them to be kind to others. For what is school but a place to learn how to be kind to others, to learn empathy, and to recognize the duty we all have to care for each other?

To all the teachers I know, and to those millions of teachers around the world working with children each and every day, never forget the impact we have on the heart as well as the mind.

It may be that the kindness of teachers is the most powerful and lasting lesson we ever get to teach.


PS And if you’re wondering about the photo at the top of this post, click here. You’ll be glad you did.


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