[The] Play’s the Thing…

I’d like to take a few moments to share a few thoughts about play…

Do your children play at home? I mean, really play. I don’t mean ‘do they do activities that are organized and structured that they enjoy’. I mean the kind of free, unstructured play that requires neither adult supervision nor software. The kind of play that Boston College psychologist Peter Gray describes as being essential to combat the rising tide of anxiety and depressive disorders that we are seeing in our children.

It is a well-documented phenomenon that we are seeing in schools not only here in Brazil where I live, but in all countries where there has been a decline in opportunities for free play and an increase in protective parenting practices. If you are not familiar with Peter Gray’s work I would recommend you read his blog post The Play Deficit  He makes a compelling case for us all to re-evaluate how we create time and space for our children to really play – as well as the worrying consequences if we continue down the path that we seem to be headed if we fall into patterns of overprotection and reward.

So, do your children really get to play?

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How Long is Long Term?

There is an often-told anecdote that politicians should make their decisions based on the effects those decisions would have on their children’s children’s children*. This is something that could easily apply to the work of schools, and of educators. So, what would our schools look like if what we taught, how we taught, and what […]

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On World Teachers’ Day…

October 5, 2018 To all my fellow educators here at EARJ, to all the teachers I have worked with in the past, and to all the amazing educators I have not yet had the privilege to meet. World Teachers’ Day is a day when I feel immense pride in being an educator. On this day […]

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