2018/19 at EARJ…

At the end of each school year I write a letter to the school community reflecting on some of the things we have achieved together, and looking ahead to what the future might hold for our school. If you are reading this and you are – by some accident of Google- not an EARJ community […]

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Mud, Trees & Skinned Knees…

This year I have been working with my community on the idea of resilience: grit. Ways we can help out children self-manage their emotions and self-manage their lives. Ways we can help our kids take responsibility for their own actions and deal confidently with setback and disappointment. In short, ways in which they can become […]

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

It is the hallmark of a school committed to building character that it creates opportunities for students to reflect. Reflection is a learnt skill. It requires introspection, honesty and self-awareness. Time to reflect – when scaffolded appropriately – can be immensely powerful for even very young students. But I do have some reservations. As important […]

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“Failure to Launch…”

And no, I don’t mean something to do with NASA. I’m referring to a widely-known concept explored recently by a visiting speaker at my school, Dr. Katia Moritz, in a presentation to parents. Dr. Moritz held up a mirror to a great many parenting behaviors which, judging by the number of nods in the audience, […]

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The Corruption of Dreams

This was the week when it all flooded out like a fetid river of corrupt privilege. Story after story, example after example: an avalanche of unethical behaviors, tales of corruption, bribery and falsehoods. This was the week when publications like the New York Times and The Washington Post, broke the story of elite college admissions scandal […]

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