Being in the Moment

May 2017, moments after a speeding car plowed into pedestrians in Manhattan’s Times Square, an onlooker stands filming the scene on his phone as others tend to the injured. He just stands there, passively filming, recording the events unfold before him like a scene from a movie.   I was reminded of this photo a few […]

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So What Drives You?

A few years ago I visited The Dalton School in New York City, on the Upper East Side. It was founded in 1919 by a lady called Helen Pankhurst, who was inspired by the thinkers of the day to start a school that was in tune with the spirit of the age – a truly […]

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The First Casualty…

There has been no period in recorded history when security concerns have not been a feature of the world in which we live. The media would have us think that things are getting worse, that the world is becoming less secure and more violent. But is it? Is the world really deteriorating when it comes […]

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Could Do Better…?

School reports: two words that resonate in the hearts and minds of adults and children alike. Many of us look back ruefully on those seasonal pithy phrases, bland expressions or, occasionally, those perceptive dissections of who we were when we were young. As a father and as a school head I find myself on every […]

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