“Failure to Launch…”

And no, I don’t mean something to do with NASA. I’m referring to a widely-known concept explored recently by a visiting speaker at my school, Dr. Katia Moritz, in a presentation to parents. Dr. Moritz held up a mirror to a great many parenting behaviors which, judging by the number of nods in the audience, […]

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The Corruption of Dreams

This was the week when it all flooded out like a fetid river of corrupt privilege. Story after story, example after example: an avalanche of unethical behaviors, tales of corruption, bribery and falsehoods. This was the week when publications like the New York Times and The Washington Post, broke the story of elite college admissions scandal […]

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“Showing Up is 80% of life”

In his highly influential business book ‘Good to Great‘, Jim Collins encourages us to “Confront the brutal facts” if we want to be truly great at something. In terms of school, not every student can become great at everything, but one thing they can all be great at, is actually one of the most important […]

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Memories of Childhood Past…

I was recently in a conversation with some parents who found themselves reminiscing about moments from their childhood. Small moments or large incidents decades ago, that somehow still occupy a powerful place in their lives. Experiences survived and maybe lessons learnt but not looked for as children, that continue to impact them as adults. I […]

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“It takes no compromise to give people their rights…it takes no money to respect the individual”

The US politician Harvey Milk’s call for equality for the LGBT community – and all minority communities – still resonates more than 40 years after his death. In my career throughout that period, a time that has been spent in schools on different continents and in communities from different religious traditions, I have seen the […]

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