Looking After Each Other

“These are not simply abstract numbers or statistics. It is some one’s father or grandfather, a mother or grandmother, a partner. They are people. And we are a community in which every life and every person matters (and) this is what an epidemic shows us: how vulnerable we all are, how dependent (we are) on […]

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Why Sojourner Truth Still Matters

Not nearly enough people outside of the United States have heard of Sojourner Truth, the pioneering 19th century anti-slavery and women’s rights activist. Some might say not nearly enough people inside the United States know enough about her either. Born a slave in Swartekill, New York in 1797, she led a life of hardship in the relentlessly […]

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How ‘Standard’ is Your Child?

A standardized test is a set of tasks that schools give to students to tell them where a student is in their learning, how they are doing in comparison to thousands of others, and where they are most likely headed according to statistical probability. There is certainly something very seductive about the promise of standardized […]

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